(2016.04.15 16:00 Mt. Aso)

[The report about the big earthquake]

The earthquake center is 30km away from Aso.

The intencity was 5 lower. 

We felt a big shake.

But guests, staff & the house are all fine.  

It has become calm down so far.

And we have our normal life at the moment.


Electricity, water & internet, everything is fine so far.

Buses are running as usual.

Only train stops now.

And aftershock sometimes happens.

But it's decreasing.


We are thinking of people and praying for them in this time of loss.

We are sorry for people who got damage by the earthquake. 

We will be appreciated if you visit Kumamoto & Aso.

We offer freat entertainment for you.

And we will be contibutory of the revcovery from the earthquake by tourism in Aso & Kumaoto city.

We are waiting for you with our best hospitarity. 

If possible, we hope to see you in Aso!

Manager: Takuji Onodera

   "Omotenachi" Thank you for coming to Aso in Apr.!』

Every Tuesday・PM8:00~『BBQ Party!』
(Fee:JPY@500 for food ※Please bring your own drink・at the wood deck)

※If bad weather, at 2nd common room.

Every Friday・AM6:30~8:00『"Sea of clouds" Early Mornig Tour』
If it's fortunately, you can see a sea of clouds!
(Going to grassland by car! Including surprise! Free join. Canceled in case of rain.)

Every Sunday・PM7:00~9:00『 Nihongo Eigo Hanashi-Time!』
At the Lounge of ASOBIGOKORO
Requirment of joying : Bringing 1 food(ex. Food that can share with about 10 people)
Outline :
It's an international exchange time with Japanese people who want to speak English, foreign people who want to speak Japanese and who want to learn/teach other language & regional daialect!
 ☆☆☆The Pcik-up Service☆☆☆
We pick up guests 3 times in a day.

(Check-in time from station) A. 15:30  B.18:00 C.20:30

(Check-out time to station) A. 8:20  B.8:20 C.9:30

 [How to use the Pick-up Service]

We pick up guests 3 times in a day.

If you need the service, please tell us the pick-up time by the day before you check-in.


☆Aso Naka-dake Crater Information☆

Eruption Warning Level 3 to Level 2!
As was widely reported, Naka-dake erupted on the14th of Sep. 2015.
But on Nov. 24, the eruption warning Level 3 has changed to Level 2.
The volcanic activity is quite calm now.
No eruption since Oct. 23rd.

So you can enjoy trecking in the Moutain.
(2015.11.24 PM14:00 updated)
[Available] Mt.Kijimadake, Mt. Eboshidake, Mt.Nekodake
[Not available] Mt. Nakadake, Mt. Takadake
※Mt. Takadake: After the safety confirmation, it will be available.


For your information,
we would be happy if you read the message about the eruption by Toshiyasu Yoshizawa,
the owner of Asobigokoro.


“Current Aso!” 

As is widely reported, Nakadake crater erupted on the 14th of Sep.
Thank you for everybody about the messages about Nakadake crater eruption news.

Please don’t worry.
Aso is fine!
Of course we are fine!

We can understand your worries.
So I will tell about the current situation of Aso. 

Originally Nakadake is an active volcano.
So even if there is no restriction,
the availability of the crater observation is quite changeable, because of the smoke direction,
the gas amount etc.

Why is the small eruption of Nakadake so widely reported by media from the last year? 
Actually small eruptions of Nakadake like this scale happens about every 20 years.  
The small eruption of last November is the first eruption in this about 20 years, too. 

In last November, why did the eruption make national news?
Because the normal "white" smoke changed to "black" or "gray" smoke.

Even though after the eruption happened,
the Level2 eruption warning has been kept since the last August 30th.
During that  we have not been able to watch the crater.


The reason why this eruption has becom big news this morning is the eruption warning has changed Level3.
This is the first time that the level of Mt.Aso has become Level 3 since the introduction of the eruption warning level system (Level 1-5)  in 2007.

And this is the first time that the smoke rose to 2,000m in this 20 years.
These are the reasons why this eruption has become big news.

 So how is our life?
We are keeping our usual lives.
Nobody evacuated from Aso incluiding residents who live in foot of Mt.Aso.

Only one change is "volcanic ash".
(We call that "Yona" in Aso. We are worried about damage to food crops.)

We are worried that people may have images and reputations
that "Aso is dangerous!" more than the facts by watching TV news.


I would like to say it again!
The off-limits areas are just mountains,
"Naka-dake", "Taka-dake", "Eboshi-dake", "Kijima-dake" and "Ojo-dake".

"Kusasenri" area is available!

Of course, "Aso Shrine", "Kurokawa Spa Town" and "Minamiaso" are available!

 Originally in Aso, people live in the "Caldera" (big volcanic crater) made by big eruptions.
It's nature.
So the situation changes continuously.

But we should accept the whole of Aso!

Of course, whether to visit Aso or not, your judgement is important. 
Then, how can you get the information?
You can get it from "Mt. Naka-dake caution information" on the website of Aso City Hall.http://www.city.aso.kumamoto.jp.e.pw.hp.transer.com/category/spotinfo/

 message by Toshiyasu Yoshizawa  "Asobigokoro" owner   (2015.09.14) 

Asobi gokoro is a guest house opened in March 2012 to all who love life, fun, meet new people from all nationalities and to discover the grandeur of nature of ASO – and even bathe in it - in the many renowned local onsens. We are a 75 year old “Minsyuku” renovated into an original Japanese guest house.

Just like its name Asobi gokoro - which means “a sense of fun” and ”joie de vivre”- there’re lots ”life” to feel and experience in this guest house and also in the surrounding ASO area. The property has been tastefully renovated (by many volunteers) from its original condition with reconditioned shoji paper screens and tatami rooms with futon floor beddings and linens provided. Please enjoy the beautiful natural "sumi" black wood stain applied to the original wood of this traditional wooden house and the diffuse glow of the paper screens when you awake refreshed in the morning. We have bar and a lounge which is open to not only guests but also for local residents which will make your stay more interesting and rewarding making you feel closer to the real Japanese life. You will experience the new quality of Japan! We offer a relaxed stay with lights-out from midnight. Rooms are either dormitories or private rooms. We have very knowledgable staff to help you enjoy your Aso stay to its fullest.

Asobi Gokoro is located in the heart of Aso on a quiet secluded street. We are close to the many landmarks of the region – volcano, shrine, nature, steaming hot onsen! – and not forgetting the friendly welcoming local people. Experience the many surrounding rice paddy fields in this strong farming / agricultural area of Japan. Fertile volcanic soil makes for great local produce so enjoy your LOHAS "slow-life" experience in Aso away from big city. It is the world's largest volcanic caldera 20km wide.