Let's stay & find out new attractions of Dazaifu!
Dazaifu is a famous ancient capital city.
Many poeple visit Dazaifu Tenmangu Srine & Kyusyu National Museum.
The approach to the shrine is very crowded every day.
We would like guests to enjoy communication in the lounge like Asobigokoro Aso & Kumamoto.
And also we would like guests to enjoy walking arond the local town, temples, shrines, restaurants, cafes & shops.
Very busy Dazaifu in the daytime. Silent Dazaifu in the morning & evening.
Please stay & feel the two faces of Dazaifu.

Asobigokoro Information
Dazaifu Event
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Event
  Dazaifu Tenmangu Information
Kyusyu National Museum Exhibition

Sacred Island of OKINOSHIMA in Munakata Region and the Yamato Imperial Court

Period: Jan. 1st(Sun)~Mar. 5th(Sun)

  Kyusyu National Museum Information

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"Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine" Many tourists visit from all over the world 

"Kyusyu Nationnal Museum" You can see many attractive exhibitions.

Starbucks” The famous designer "Kengo Kuma" who designs the new olympic stadium designed the building.

Always too many people?
If you stay in Dazaifu ...

You can visit "Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine" with fresh air in the early morning.
You can enjoy the full of "Kyusyu National Museum" all day long.
You can relax in the cafe or the garden at the museum.
You can enjoy reading books at the starbucks in the silent approach to Tenmangu in the eveing.
And you can meet guests from all over the world at the guesthouse at night.
Now the new Dazaifu style has begun.